New Bitcoin Casinos at Innovator Technologies Online Casino

The list is arranged from the newest to oldest casino indicated on the site. Some casinos accept cryptocurrency payments right away, while others only recently enabled them. All of the casinos below accept bitcoin, and some also accept other cryptocurrencies like ETH, BCH, or DOGE, as well as FIAT.

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Recently Launched New BTC Casinos

Every new Bitcoin casino is examined separately by Innovator Technologies, which compiles all the pertinent information for you. Simply scroll down if you’re looking for information on a specific topic, like the languages that are supported, the deposit and withdrawal methods, or the game providers that are available. No more scouring numerous casino websites in an effort to get a single piece of information.

New Casino Games

Choosing a game. Crypto casinos provide a wide variety of games. Numerous bitcoin casinos have agreements with a small number of the hundreds of casino game software companies.

Game developers and publishers. The gaming experience is impacted by gaming software providers. You can select your preferred gaming software supplier in the casino lobby of the majority of online casinos.

Distinct games. When it comes to games like dice, plink, or crash that can be proven to be fair, some new bitcoin gambling sites choose to create their own games. High-quality gaming is promised by the major casino software vendors. Depending on the graphical material, some of the newest BTC casino sites operate more quickly than others. You should also take into account if your computer or network connection is outdated. The finest bitcoin casinos typically have a very user-friendly interface, which enhances the enjoyment of the gaming process.

Bonuses and promotions. Almost every online gaming site offers a bitcoin casino no deposit bonus, as well as bitcoin casino bonuses, which provide you with more bitcoins when you make a deposit. You can receive so-called “no deposit” bonuses in some of the cryptocurrency casinos just for signing up. Make sure to read the Terms & Conditions because the wagering requirements on those kinds of bonuses are typically much greater!

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The game developers NetEnt (NetEntertainment), SoftSwiss, BetSoft, Novomatic, BGaming, Aristocrat, and CoinGaming are well known to gamers. These names won’t mean much to you if you’re just beginning your BTC gaming journey, and that’s okay. Basically, pick a game based on the subject (some people like animal-themed slots, some cartoonish, bitcoin slots and others the old school one hand bandits). Although you won’t find NetEnt games in all casinos, we adore playing them because they offer the nicest graphics.

Bitcoin Poker

Compared to online poker played with EUR or USD, Bitcoin Poker, as well as Bitcoin Blackjack, is a relatively new phenomenon and hasn’t been on the market for very long.

These days, finding “fish” in regular poker games played with a regular currency like US dollars or euros is really difficult. A really terrible poker player is referred to as a “fish” in poker, and when the large online poker boom occurred in the industry around 2007–2008, the percentage of fish players increased dramatically. You could claim that the game offered a lot of opportunities for easy and lose money. Today’s online poker market is sufficiently developed for some players to use bots, and grinding is the only viable means of earning money.

Even ordinary players can still win a lot of money playing Bitcoin Poker since there is still a lot of fish in the pool. So start experimenting right away and take advantage of the free money offered by the bitcoin poker tables!

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Bitcoin Betting

There are numerous sports betting sites where you can use Bitcoin to place a wager if you are new to cryptocurrency. Additionally, bitcoin sportsbooks provide a wide variety of games. Bitcoin sportsbook sites offer a wide range of sporting events, from baseball and eSports to baseball and soccer.

Favourable odds

Due to the cheaper transaction fees, odds on Bitcoin Sportsbook websites are typically quite good. You can register for an account on various bitcoin betting sites and select the best odds for the game you’re playing.

Bitcoin Mobile Casinos

Most recent Bitcoin casinos have complete mobile compatibility. Despite this, not many Bitcoin casinos now have a separate independent iOS or Android app to use for gaming. Since the majority of casinos are designed to function properly on mobile devices, this is not a problem.

Apps for bitcoin casinos or sportsbooks are practically never available in the Play Store or App Store. The rules on those platforms make it more difficult to find cryptocurrency gambling apps. On some websites, though, you can download an an.apk file, which is the source code for an app you can manually install on your Android smartphone or tablet. If not, you might use Google Chrome’s “add to home screen” button to download your preferred casino’s app-like icon to your phone.

Of course, the advantage of a mobile casino is that you may play whenever and anywhere you want. Typically, playing at a casino involves unwinding and having fun, which may be easier performed at home or while travelling by bus or train. Naturally, you still have the choice to play on brand-new Bitcoin gambling sites using a desktop or laptop computer.

Provably Fair Gaming

Crypto casinos are the only ones to use provably fair gambling. It implies that anyone may check the fairness and outcome of bitcoin games. Although verification requires some knowledge of bitcoin, the open-source nature of bitcoin has allowed thousands of people to verify the source code’s provability, therefore there is no reason to distrust it. Simply enter “game name + verifier” into Google to find a tool to check the results if you think the game you’re playing is “provably fair.”

Responsible Gaming

Only put money in a deposit that you can afford to lose. If you’re lucky, you could undoubtedly win large sums of money, but it’s more likely that you’ll lose the money you first put up.

Your gaming will become more responsible if you use moderate amounts. Playing while intoxicated or drugged is prohibited. Drugs and alcohol can impair your capacity to make rational decisions, which could be harmful to you. Aim to have fun when playing casino games and other games.

Playing should be stopped if you experience any persistently bad emotions. Keep in mind that you gamble or wager on sports to have fun; if the enjoyment were to end, why would you still be there?

Is Playing Bitcoin Casinos Legal?

In terms of currencies, Bitcoin is a relatively recent phenomenon. Banks, taxing agencies, and legal authorities are still unsure about how to feel about bitcoin and the newest Bitcoin gaming sites. It has proven to be very difficult to monitor or regulate digital currencies, despite the desire of many institutions to do so. But in response to your query, yes, Bitcoin is legal in the majority of nations.

The only exceptions are a few nations like Bolivia and Kyrgyzstan that have outright forbade the use of Bitcoin. Bitcoins are legal in the majority of nations. If you have any questions, you should contact your local tax agency or law enforcement.

The authorities often don’t see the new Bitcoin casinos any differently than they do traditional internet casinos. Bitcoin casinos are likely not lawful if internet gambling is prohibited in your nation. However, many nations do not consider bitcoin to be a currency but rather a commodity, and many nations do not have any regulations or legislation that would make bitcoin gambling against the law.


Should I play at new bitcoin casinos?

It depends; given the short lifespan of new bitcoin casinos, you might be eligible for bigger sign-up bonuses. On the other side, the casino employees can be inexperienced and make some genuine errors, or the website might have technological problems. I suggest one of the tried-and-true bitcoin casinos if you wish to wager big quantities of money.

Are BTC casinos available in Canada?

Yes, all online Bitcoin casinos that have been granted a licence by a respectable gaming regulator are safe and legitimate, just like traditional gambling sites. Nevertheless, some websites contain geo-restrictions that restrict which nations can access them.