bitcoin blackjack

Here are the Bitcoin blackjack casinos I suggest. These Bitcoin casinos offer one of the most comprehensive selections of Bitcoin blackjack games, including American, European, Multihand, Super 7 Blackjack, and many others.

Bitcoin Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is sometimes known as Twenty One or 21. The rules are straightforward, and there is plenty of room for a successful blackjack approach. The odds are really good for a mathematics specialist, and even a casual player can boost the odds to a good level if they play correctly.

With more players than craps, roulette, and baccarat combined, blackjack is the most popular casino table game in Canada.

A regular 52-card deck is used in blackjack. To make card counting a little more difficult for expert players, there are usually many decks (ranging from 4 to 8 decks).

The goal is to beat the dealer by scoring a better total card value. The basic objective is to go as near to 21 as possible without going over.

You get a Blackjack if you get to 21 with your first two cards.

Card values:

  • Cards numbered 2 through 10 are worth their face value.
  • The face cards (Jack, Queen, and King) are all worth ten.
  • Aces can be valued at one or eleven.

Bitcoin Blackjack Strategy

In order to win at blackjack, you must play each hand optimally based on your cards as well as the dealer’s cards. Following are some basic Bitcoin blackjack techniques to follow:

You should draw cards until you get a total of 17 or more if the dealer’s upcard is a good one (7–10 or ace).

If the dealer’s upcard is bad (4–6), you should cease drawing when the dealer reaches 12 or above. The premise is that you shouldn’t take a card if you’re going to go bankrupt. You can only pray that the dealer continues to hit and goes beyond 21.

You should stop with a total of 13 or above if the dealer’s upcard is an average one (2–3).

“Soft hand” refers to the combination of an ace and a card other than ten. For example, an ace and a six can be counted as 7 or 17, thus taking one more card at 17 won’t put you out of the game. That is why the hand is said to as soft.

If you have a soft hand, keep hitting cards until you reach a total of at least 18.

You should always double down when you have a total of 11.

Unless the dealer has a ten-card or an ace, you should double down with a total of ten.

If you have a total of 9, you should only double down if the dealer has a card that is between 2 and 6.

Always split aces and eights.

Unless the dealer has an 8, 9, 10, or an ace, 2s, 3s, or 7s can usually be split.

Unless the dealer has a weak card (2–6), 6s should not be divided.

Splitting tens or fives is not recommended.

Bitcoin Blackjack Variations

What’s the difference between blackjack in the United States and blackjack in Europe? You’d be shocked to learn that the two games have a lot of variations in terms of how they’re played. We’ve outlined all of the major differences below so you’re completely informed about the changes.

American Blackjack vs. European Blackjack

American blackjack rules are often more flexible and user-friendly, with more options to boost your potential wins.

The dealer is given two cards in American blackjack: one face down and the other face down (hole card). If blackjack is possible, the dealer is allowed to peek at this card. If the dealer has a blackjack, the hand is over immediately, and the dealer collects the players’ wagers.

There is no secret hole card in European blackjack. The dealer is dealt one card face up and the second card only after all of the players’ hands have been completed.

In European blackjack, two standard decks are utilized, whereas, in American blackjack, six to eight decks are used. Because card counting becomes increasingly difficult as the number of decks used increases, the house edge increases.

Only hands with a value of 9, 10, or 11 can be doubled down in European blackjack. You can double down on any total in American blackjack.

You can also double down after splitting in American blackjack.

You can only split a hand once in European blackjack, and the cards must be of equal value. This refers to tens, jacks, queens, or kings.

In American blackjack, you can split a hand three times to produce four hands, and any pair of cards can be split.

Aces can only be split once in American blackjack, and you can only take one extra card to split aces.

After they’ve been given their first two cards, they can choose to surrender late. Instead of losing the entire wager, you lose 50% of your stake. If you don’t think you have a high chance of winning, this option is worth considering. In American blackjack, you can resign at any time, however, in European blackjack, there is no such choice.

Spanish Blackjack or Spanish 21

A conventional 52-card deck is used in Spanish blackjack, albeit without the four tens. So there are 48 cards in the deck. Because tens are prized in blackjack, doubling down or busting the dealer, reduces the chances of winning.

When playing Spanish 21, you can double down on any number of cards, not just the initial two. In some game rule modifications, you can also redouble a hand.

Surrendering is still an option after doubling down. This is referred to as forfeit.

In addition to the standard blackjack payment table, the following unique payouts apply in Spanish blackjack:

  • Seven or more cards 21 – pays 3:1
  • Six cards 21 – pays 2:1
  • Five cards 21 – pays 3:2
  • 6-7-8 of all spades – pays 3:1
  • 6-7-8 of all other suits – pays 2:1
  • an unsuited 6-7-8 or a 7-7-7 pays 3:2.

Live Bitcoin Blackjack

You may get extremely near to the actual brick-and-mortar casino experience by playing live Bitcoin blackjack games. You can play blackjack against a genuine live dealer via a video link, just as at a real casino.

In many casinos, you can talk to the dealer as well as other players.

Free Bitcoin Blackjack

Without a question, blackjack is one of the most exciting and popular card games accessible at online casinos. Blackjack is one of the best table games you can play at Bitcoin casinos if you’re a huge fan of table games. It’s a near-perfect casino game that combines skill and chance. You should be able to enhance your Blackjack skills quickly if you follow the strategies suggested in our tutorial.


Is playing bitcoin blackjack online legal?

Yes, playing crypto blackjack online is legal. The majority of the casinos we recommend are either licenced or shown to be fair. Playing bitcoin blackjack as a player is absolutely risk-free.

Is it possible to win real money by playing bitcoin blackjack?

Yes, you must deposit cryptocurrencies at the casino of your choice in order to be eligible to win real money.

Is there a rigged bitcoin blackjack game?

No, blackjack, like all other casino games, makes money for the casinos by having a lower than 100% RTP (return to player). That is to say, if you play long enough, the casino will benefit. Casinos have no need to rig the game because they always win.

What are the bitcoin blackjack rules?

The goal is to get to 21 before the dealer does, just like in traditional blackjack. For a more detailed explanation, go to the bitcoin blackjack rules section.